The Newly Appointed National Economic Advisors Assume Duties of the National Economic Council (NEC)

Dr. Hassan Adam Hosow Assumes Duties as Executive Director of the National Economic Council

Mogadishu, 27th November 2022 – A Handover Ceremony was held at Villa Somalia yesterday where Dr. Hassan Adam Hosow, the Executive Director of the National Economic Council (NEC), and the newly appointed National Economic Advisors officially took over responsibilities of the NEC from their predecessors.

The Handover Ceremony was officially opened by Mr. Hussein Sheikh, the Chief of Staff of the Office of the President, who acknowledged the achievements of the former members of the NEC led by Dr. Ali Isse Abdi and Dr. Aues Scek. He also congratulated the new members appointed by the President and the new Executive Director of the Council.

During the ceremony, Mr. Abdisalan Artan, Deputy Programs Director of the National Economic Council, provided a brief presentation on the structure, mandate, and previous achievements of the Council. Prof. Hussein Warsame and Prof. Hussein Siyad, among the departing National Economic Advisors, welcomed the new change and detailed the work they have carried out during their term in office, including the socio-economic research and the policy advice they have offered the government on priority issues with regards to accelerating the recovery and economic growth of the country. They also congratulated the new members of the National Economic Advisors, wishing them luck in their duties and promising to support them with any advice and support they might require.

Dr. Aues Scek, the former Deputy Executive Director of the National Economic Council, who spoke on behalf of the former Executive Management, underscored the achievements of the Council, including various research studies, policy briefs, advisory services, as well as the annual forums they have organized in the past.

Dr. Hassan Adam Hosow, the new Executive Director of the National Economic Council and Chief Economic Advisor to the President of FGS, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, expressed his gratitude to the former members of the Council while outlining his vision for the NEC, which shall be based on the President’s vision of “Economic Self-Sufficiency.”

The National Economic Council’s Handover Ceremony was officially closed by Dr. Elmi M. Nur, the Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, who emphasized the importance of the Council to the Ministry of Finance and the nation as a whole, while promising to work closely with the new team.

The Handover Ceremony was attended by high-ranking government officials, including the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, the Governor of the Central Bank of Somalia, the State Minister for Presidency, the Deputy Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee of the People’s Assembly, as well as members of both houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, directors, advisors, and other dignitaries representing various sectors and institutions.

The NEC is committed to its mandate of providing sound economic advice to the government and advancing the country’s economic development. Dr. Hassan Adam Hosow’s leadership, together with the new team of National Economic Advisors, will ensure that the NEC continues to play a critical role in promoting economic self-sufficiency and contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Somalia.

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