The National Economic Council (NEC) has organized a town hall event on Dec 9, 2023

The National Economic Council (NEC) has organized a town hall event aimed at engaging the youth and experts following the successful launch of the Centennial Vision development process. The event, themed “The Somalia We Want by 2060”, focused on Somalia’s long-term development agenda and aimed to prepare young Somalis to contribute towards the country’s development journey with a shared national vision.
The Somali Centennial Vision envisions a prosperous and developed Somalia by the year 2060, marking the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence. It aims to address social, economic, and governance aspects of development.
During the event, participants discussed key elements of the Somali Centennial Vision, including education, job creation, entrepreneurship, good governance, infrastructure development, and fostering national unity among the youth.
The gathering aimed to involve young Somalis in shaping their country’s future by providing them with a platform to voice their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. It emphasized the importance of engaging youth in decision-making processes and enabling them to play an active role in driving the nation’s progress.
By focusing on the Somali youth and their role in achieving development goals, the public session aimed to inspire and mobilize them to contribute to the realization of the Somali Centennial Vision. It sought to foster a sense of ownership, unity, and determination among the youth, emphasizing their critical role as future leaders and catalysts for positive change in Somalia.
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