Somalia to Develop Centennial Vision 2060 as Blueprint for Long-term Development Strategy

The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has announced the upcoming development of a long-term vision called Vision 2060. This vision will serve as a blueprint for Somalia’s development strategy and provide a clear anchor for the country’s National Development Plans.

In his speech, President Hassan emphasized the importance of having a long-term vision to ensure consistency and continuity in Somalia’s development. He stated, “We need a vision that provides a clear blueprint for these five-year plans to ensure long-term consistency and continuity in our development strategy. Even the five-year plans developed in pre-civil war era did not have a long-term vision as an anchor.”

The Centennial Vision 2060 will also serve as a symbolic representation of Somalia’s 100th anniversary as an independent state. President Hassan acknowledged that many of those working on the vision will not be alive to see its realization, but that it was important to plan ahead for future generations.

“Our goal should be to create a magnificent and prosperous Somalia by 2060, one free of oppression and injustice; and founded upon a pursuit for prosperity and common good,” President Hassan said.

With the guidance of the National Economic Council and the National Economic Advisors, as well as input from experts both within Somalia and abroad, the Centennial Vision 2060 has the potential to serve as a transformative blueprint for Somalia’s future development. Once finalized, the vision will be driven by consultative discussions with all walks of lives before it is presented for public debate and validation, then final adoption and implementation.

The announcement of the Centennial Vision 2060 is a significant step forward for Somalia’s development strategy and serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to long-term planning and progress.

As President Hassan stated, “Let’s set our sights far and dream bigger.” The Centennial Vision 2060 aims to do just that, providing a clear target for Somalia to aim for and achieve in the years to come.

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