Expression of interest for NEC Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software


The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), through the Somali National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS), has received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA) to implement the Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Capacity Building (SISEPCB) Project. The proposed project aims at strengthening the national statistics system, the national monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system and improving programming and analytical capacity of the government’s macroeconomics and fiscal programming agencies to enable them to regularly access analyze and improve their public policies and programs performance and results. More specifically, the project aims at:

      1. Strengthening the national statistics system;
      2. Strengthening monitoring and evaluation capacity; and
      3. Building economic policy analysis and economic planning capacity.

The NEC will be implemented enterprise resource planning/ERP or project management tool (software) has become more essential than ever to organize the flow of communication, proposals, reporting amongst other things. The creation of a managerial software would allow NEC Office to enhance the implementation of activities by allowing to track and follow-up on the processes and enhance the monitoring coordinating, and with activities timelines.

  1. Responsibilities

The firm is expected to develop Enterprise Resource Planning, a software/project management tool that can be used to upload project documents which can automatically start the archiving and documentation procedure and gives access to relevant users as per the naming/labeling of the file, automatically send reminder emails about deadlines, progress and updates, and where individuals will easily create project entries using a pre-set template. The software will automate core functions of NEC including Finance, HR, Research activities, among others.Access should be defined by one or two admin that have overview of all activities. The detailed ToR for the assignment can be found at the following website website or can be provided upon submission of application in person or by e-mail. The e-mail address is provided below.

  1. Minimum Qualifications Certification

The selection shall be based on qualification, experience and skills of the firm as follows:”

  1. Selected firm must have a minimum of five years of experience providing similar applicable services and solutions.
  2. The firm should have a specific demonstrable knowledge in development of ERPs i.e.Odoo v.15, Sage, etc.
  3. At least one developer should have certification in ERP development certification
  4. Successful implementation of systems in Somalia and in the region for entities in the public and/or private sector similar in size to NEC.
  5. Meet all functional and technical requirements stated within this RFP using commercial off‐the‐shelf software.
  6. Selected firm shall be responsible for the final NEC’s approved design, installation, and implementation of the ERP system including development of user‐acceptance testing, system integration and connectivity to existing resources.
    1. Selection Criteria

The selection shall be based on price, quality, documentation, and experience of the vendor. These include:

      1. the price of the service to be reasonable and market price
      2. the service provider should have business licenses and tax clearance certificates from the Ministry of finance
      3. The quotation shall be submitted as soon as possible

Dowload the NEC ERP requirements

The vendor should submit the Expressions of interest -EOI should be delivered by e-mail in a written form to the address below by 5th June 2023 at 16:00 Hours -Mogadishu Time and should be marked “Expressions of interest for NEC Project Management Tool” as subject line.
Attention; Project Implementation Unit
Somalia National Bureau of Statistics
Federal Government of Somalia
Afgoi Road
Mogadishu, Somalia
Email Address: CC:

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