Economic Policy Analysis Unit (EPAU)

The National Economic Council is codified through a Presidential Executive Order. The Council consists of three-tier arrangements involving Political, Advisory and Secretariat (EPAU) levels.

The National Economic Advisors (NEAs) and EPAU shall be responsible for the operational and institutional support of the NEC, in the form of providing evidence-based and timely studies to underpin the economic and social reforms needed to attain national recovery and prosperity, and assist with institutionalizing open dialogue with all partners in the dissemination and promotion of government policies. Accordingly, the NEA and the EPAU are mandated to:

  • Produce policy analysis and briefings and conduct research that informs policy-makers and investors on economic trends.
  • Develop comprehensive policies that contribute to the creation of inclusive economic growth.
  • Contribute to efforts that ensure integrated economic policies and plans between the Federal Government and Federal Member States.
  • Create platforms that encourage effective policy dialogue on economic matters and make accessible issues of economic policies to the general public.
  • Assist the Government to comply with internal and international regulations, and the fiduciary requirements of external financial assistance, from bilateral and multilateral sources.
  • Assist the Government with formulation of sound policies on regional and international economic cooperation and agreements.
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