Dr. Ali Isse Delivers Keynote Speech at the Public Sector Good Governance Conference

Dr. Ali Isse Delivers Keynote Speech at the Public Sector Good Governance Conference

Dr. Ali Issa, Executive Director of the National Economic Council (NEC) of Somalia, delivered a keynote speech at the Public Sector Good Governance Conference organized by Office of the Auditor General, highlighting the state of good governance in Somalia and how information technology and innovation can be leveraged to promote financial integrity, accountability and transparency of public sector operations.

In the speech, Dr. Ali underlined the need to address impunity and pervasive corruption in the country while also emphasizing the positive aspects of technology in contributing to good governance in terms of knowledge dissemination, public participation and internal controls and scrutiny.

Also, Dr. Ali took took part in a panel discussion titled “Technology and Good Governance: Challenges and Opportunities in Somalia”, underscoring the need to utilize technology to expedite the overall economic transformation of the country, while also briefly underlining the progress made thus far on the Growth and Economic Transformation Strategy (GETS) currently being undertaken by the National Economic Council. He further noted the importance of technology and innovation on youth employment opportunities which is a key government priority.

The Conference, which has brought together senior government officials including Ministers, Director Generals, Policymakers as well as representatives from the private sector, was themed “Leveraging Technology to Enhance Good Governance in Somalia”, with the aim of raising awareness among the policymakers on the increasing use of technology in strengthening good governance and how to leverage it towards realizing sound public financial management systems and sustainable development.

Moreover, the National Economic Council (NEC) disseminated printed copies of its previously published policy briefs and relevant studies at the sidelines of the Public Sector Good Governance Conference. Finally, the NEC staff also distributed copies of the International Transparency and Mo Ibrahim Governance Indexes, which have continued to register Somalia as among the most corrupt states in the world—a testament that Somalia could ill afford in its vision for growth and sustainable economic development.

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