On 2-4 July, delegates from the National Economic Council of Somalia led by Chief National Economic Advisor of Somalia and NEC Executive Director Dr. Hassan Hosow, traveled to Dhusamareb city, the administrative capital of Galmudug State of Somalia, on a mission of Centennial Vision 2060 Consultation meeting with Galmudug government cabinet, officials, civil society and stakeholders.

NEC delegates had long, intense conversations with the Galmudug cabinet and officials, and civil society, and such interactions and intellectual connections have provided a deeper and more personal understanding of the unique needs and regional context of each federal member state has to play and offer. And, at the same time, these conversations presented us with an appreciation for the remarkable progress the government of Galmudug has made in the last few years and the sense of hope the Galmudug government today have for its people and for the future of the country at large. The delegates also paid a courtesy visit to Galmudug tourist spots and witnessed the impressive urban transformation and infrastructure development the city has undergone.

The Centennial Vision 2060 Consultation Meeting is intended to be held in all federal member states (5) for their validation and consultations of the centennial vision 2060. So far, the state government of Galmudug has the privilege of being the first federal member state to host such a federal member states consultation meeting on Somalia’s Centennial Vision 2060 blueprint for development and long-lasting prosperity. The Consultation meeting was to engage representatives from Galmudug Government, civil society, and stakeholders in shaping the Centennial Vision 2060 which is the long-term development agenda for our country. On a rigorous two-day consultation meeting with prominent officials from Galmudug Government and other stakeholders, The Consultation meeting aimed to gather inputs, contributions, and critiques, foster collaboration, and reach a consensus on the long-term development agenda for our country leading up to the year 2060, ensuring that the interests and aspirations of all regions are considered in the national development agenda.


Consultation Objective

The purpose of the consultation meeting was to engage in meaningful dialogue and decision-making process on the Centennial Vision 2060 and in regards to pioneering long-term development priorities, strategies, and policies of the country as a whole, taking into account the perspectives and needs of the different regions of the federal government.

During the centennial Vision 2060 Consultation meeting with Galmudug Government, representatives from the federal government (NEC) and federal member state came together to discuss and deliberate on key issues related to the Vision, capable state, development planning, resource allocation, infrastructure development, social services, economic growth, Human capital, and other pertinent matters, such that of the Post-HIPC debt relief opportunities for growth and development and among others.




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