1.       Background

The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia established a National Economic Council (NEC) chaired by the President of the FGS and the Prime Minister as alternates together, and with Federal States leaders, economic Ministers of FGS, the Governor of the Central Bank, and five (5) national economic Experts as members. A team of National Economic Advisors (comprising national and international experts) supports the NEC in conducting evidence-based research on economic and social issues of concern to the nation. Also, an Economic Analysis Unit (EPAU) serves as the Secretariat and supports the NEC in executing and delivering its activities and mandate.

NEC and its components are set to consider and deliberate on national and international economic matters of national importance and manage national economic reforms for economic recovery, sustainable high growth, and poverty reduction through achievable strategies and sound policies. It is the platform where economic policies and plans are formulated and guided, including building the capacity of national institutions and enhancing sound management that is essential to deliver urgent socio-economic services.

The main objectives of the NEC include setting domestic and international economic policies, ensuring that policy decisions and programs are consistent with the national agenda, and monitoring the implementation of sound policies and plans to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

2.     Categories: Visiting Scholars, Fellowship & Professional Associates

NEC is looking for Visiting scholars, talented fellows, and passionate professionals to join us to advance our mission and to support conducting evidence-based research on economic and related topics of current importance to the nation. We will validate all interested and qualified individuals. The applicants will become a part of our active pool of candidates. They shall be contacted and prioritized when we have open positions for short-term resident scholars, fellowships, professionals, or short-term consultancies.

The principal objective of this initiative is to have interested scholars in the field of economics, finance, environment, agriculture, and other related areas that have professional interests or commitment to work in Somalia apply. In order to create a database for a pool of experts who would be contacted for potential research projects and other relevant engagements and activities by NEC based on their expertise and skills. The opportunity is open to qualified candidates and scholars interested in charting new research directions or expanding research areas already explored to provide objective, evidence-based economic analysis and policy advice on developing and implementing domestic and international economic policy issues.

3.      Scope of the Work/Assignment

Visiting scholars/Experts/consultants/fellows will perform the following:

  • Research Policy and Studies: Undertake a research study individually or with a team as an external consultant
  • Policy Forums: To be invited as a discussant /panelist for specific thematic areas presented at the NEC’s periodic policy forums for policy discussions
  • Peer Reviews: Peer reviewer for selected studies by other consultants or the National Economic Advisors based on the area of specialization of the expert/consultant.
  • Knowledge Generation and Dissemination: To assist the NEC in building the economic research capacity in the country by cooperating and collaborating with other academic communities and relevant public institutions in Somalia

4.     Requirements

Scholars: Ph.D. in Economics, Finance, Environment, Agriculture, Natural Resource Economics, or another related field with a minimum of seven (7) years of relevant professional experience, including working on economic policy analysis issues and working with developing countries.

Fellows and Professionals: Master’s degree in Economics or related fields. The expert needs to demonstrate skills and competencies in these areas; and a minimum of five years of professional working experience providing public policy analysis with preferred expertise

  • A demonstrable track record in policy development, drafting of publications or official reports;
  • Knowledge of the policy-making environment and processes in Somalia is a plus.
  • Experience explaining complex or technical information using language that holds the attention of and meets the needs of different audiences, including managers, legislative staff, stakeholders, and the general public; and,
  • Proven ability to work professionally and non-political, staying focused on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them.

5.     How to apply

The expert roster is open for all interested Somali origin living in or outside the country with the above requirements. Email your CV to

Application deadline:  15th August 2022



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